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Homeland Security in OC has their suspicions.

We received an email in relation to our museum retrospective that we are putting on in Santa Ana.

Here’s what they had to say:

Hi All,

Today I received a call from Mike McCoy, Homeland Security who issues permits for events from the City, with concerns about the February Art Walk and the association with the Cacophony Society.   He spent some time looking at the website and is concerned about what will be presented to the public because the City of Santa Ana is co-sponsor of the First Saturday Art Walks.   He is asking for a detailed description of what will be presented to avoid any issues with public complaints or controversy.   I did not anticipate this but he is right.  We do co-host the First Saturday Art Walks with the City.

Please send me the details of what is planned so we can inform Mike.


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Saturday, February 4, 2012


Into the Zone: The Story of the Cacophony Society
Benefit Preview Screening 4 p.m. at
The Yost Theate
307 N Spurgeon St, Santa Ana, CA 92701



The Cacophony Society – Zone Show: You May Already be a Member

Grand Central Art Center
125 North Broadway, Santa Ana, CA 92701
Runs February 4 – April 15 (FREE)

3:00 Cocktail reception (Yost Theater)
4:00-5:30 Screening  (Yost Theater)
5:30-TBD Q&A   (Yost Theater)
6.30-11:00 Block Party (Grand Central Art Center Plaza)
7:00-10:00 Exhibition (Grand Central Art Center Main Gallery)


THE CACOPHONY SOCIETY – ZONE SHOW  is Grand Central Art Center’s retrospective look at the Cacophony Society, a national collective of guerrilla artists, dada pranksters, and various eccentrics pursuing “experiences beyond the mainstream.” Dedicated to activities mocking societal expectations, sacred cows, and good taste, The Cacophony Society evolved from the San Francisco Suicide Club and its members were chief organizers of the Burning Man Festival in Northern Nevada. The Society’s pranking served as inspiration for the activities of Project Mayhem in Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club. The exhibition transforms the museums main gallery into a wildly immersive environment filled with photos, graphics, video, props, costumes, and original art from Society events. Exhibition runs through April 15. FREE!

BLOCK PARTY: The Feburary 4th opening will be celebrated with a block party featuring carnivalesque music and performance from artists associated with the Society, art cars, competing protestors, dangerous stunts, an on-call ambulance, and other surprises. FREE!


Hosted by Eric Cash

Fancy Space People
Bieno Svengali
Dr. Sunshine
Clowns and Fetuses
Strip Dredel
The Dog Heads
Phat Mandee
& more.

  • FILM: This benefit preview screening of the documentary “Into the Zone: The Story of the Cacophony Society” will be held at the historic Yost Theater, only a few blocks from the museum.  From 3-4pm, a cocktail reception will be held at the theater’s bar, followed by screening and Q&A with Harrod Blank (Automorphosis.com) interviewing film maker Jon Alloway and Cacopony instigators John Law, Danger Ranger, Chuckles Klown, and Reverend Al.   The film features extensive rarely seen footage as well exclusive interview of Chuck Palahniuk on his experiences with the Society. Advance tickets advised. (Recently re-opened, this 100-year-old theater formerly served the area in a dual capacity: vaudeville palace upstairs and basement holding cells dedicated to Orange County drunks and criminals.)
Advance tickets:
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The Cacophony Society – Zone Show

In conjunction with the Grand Central Art Center of Santa Ana, we are pleased to present “The Cacophony Society – Zone Show.” There will be a live gala event opening for this museum retrospective on Saturday February 4th 2012. This will be a “not to be missed” event with other special nights to be announced. (Free)


“The Cacophony Society – Zone Show” is  produced and curated by Rev. Al Ridenour, Albert Cueller, and Jon Alloway.

“Into The Zone – The Story of the Cacophony Society” will be presented as a benefit preview at the historic Yost Theater 4 p.m. Doors and cocktail reception at 3. Tickets will be $9.99 plus service fee. Advanced purchase strongly advised. More info:   http://www.yosttheater.com/calendar/2011/into-the-zone-the-story-of-the-cacophony-society-benefit-preview-screening/


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Saturday, May 21st (Judgement Day) hopefully is the end of the world for those of you looking forward it, however guaranteed it won’t be for me and ITZ. I’ll still be slogging away completing this infernal film. IF you are planning on participating in the rapture, please donate all your material wealth by hitting the DONATE button on the home page of IntoTheZoneMovie.com. It is God’s will that you DONATE ALL! In fact any donation over $10,000 gets EXECUTIVE PRODUCER for CHRIST credit. Smaller donations will be appreciated by God as well!

Thank You!

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Cacophony loves ironic truth

Today there was an unbelievable gauntlet of police, chain link fencing and concrete barriers around the media circus known as the academy awards.

I walked past the Max Factor building which is now a hokey Hollywood tourist trap. An extremely old instrumental version of the song, “Hollywood”

was being piped from exceptionally lousy speakers. It struck me while hearing this tired old song and seeing the plebeians jammed inside of the accepted

prisoner corals just how horrible Hollywood has become. I’ve lived here for most of my life and have seen it steadily decline, almost as mirror

of Amerikan society.

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The roots of cacophony are firmly routed in urban exploration


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ITZ is “All the Wrong Art”

A 15 minute preview presentation of Into the Zone was shown at the NY MoMA  as part of the “All the Wrong Art” show presented by Juxtapoz magazine on February 13th 2011 and enthusiastically received.