Directed/Edited & Designed by: Jon Alloway

Presented by: Dreamland / Weird TV / Laughing Squid

Produced by: The Klown with No Name aka Jon Alloway & Lor Valerie

Honorary Co-Producers: Chuck Cirino, John Law, Scott Beale,
Steve Mobia, Richard Peterson, Kevin Greutert, & Phil Glau

Created almost entirely by:
The Cacophony Society and The Suicide Club

The Grand Instigator of Cacophony
Reverend Al

Senior Story Producer: Lor Valerie

Written by Jon Alloway & Lor Valerie

Consulting and Editorial Services provided by: Christian White Editorial

Film Composer: Ego Plum & The Ebola Orchestra

Music Supervision by: Elizabeth Herndon

Photographed by:
Jon Alloway
Chuck Cirino
Steve Mobia
Richard Peterson
Scott Beale
Annie Coulter
Rich Polysorbait
Kevin Greutert
Phil Glau

Art Direction: Michael Rabbitt

Web Designer: Randy Horton

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